Pain is caused by trapped blood proteins in the spaces between the cells.  These proteins become trapped when they are forced out of the capillaries by either trauma or the accumulation of toxins.

Body fluids follow the leaked blood proteins into the interstitial spaces – bringing dissolved charged particles. This transfer of fluids and ions creates an acidic “soup” which “drowns” the cells.

As a result, the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. In addition, toxic metabolic waste cannot be removed. As the drowning cells shutdown, they stop producing energy. This decrease in energy causes the trapped proteins to clump, blocking the lymphatic vessels.

The only way for the trapped proteins to be removed is thru the lymphatic system.

Deprived of nutrients, oxygen, and energy drowning in excess fluid and toxins the cells become diseased. Eventually mutating or dying.

The Body, Mind and Spirit must work in harmony to restore health.

I believe that there are at least two different energy systems that contribute to staying healthy

The physical body’s own electrical generating system contained in the mitochondria of each individual cell.

Universal energy received from source (creator) which surrounds our physical body and flows thru the auras and chakras.

What I do:

Working in person directly on the skin using a light fast stroke energy is produced that can be directed into areas of the body where energy is not flowing properly. I am able to sense blockages in various areas of the body – to build up energy where needed and to drain away excess energy, rebalancing they bodies energy flows.

With conscious thought, I am also able to tap into universal energy to clear auric fields; to rebalance the chakras and facilitate energy flow thru the meridians.    

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